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  • Bat Tzion !

    Bat Tzion !

    Bat Tzion is also part of the Master Peace_alchemy body of work. Literally it means , ‘Daughter of Zion’, but as with all Hebrew words and letters , they are also pictures and it has a deeper meaning. The unmarried daughter is the most vulnerable member of the house hold. Not a child and not…

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  • Master Peace _alchemy

    Master Peace _alchemy

    Don’t Tone Me Down ! This painting is about healing from Narcissistic Abuse.Narc parents despise the unbridled exuberance of a child because it offends and hi lights their inability to generate their own joy and satisfaction from within . In fact all narcissistic types , clinical or otherwise have this trait. The child is only…

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  • Brave


    The Healing Field for Abandonment is Commitment Master Peace_alchemy is my next body of work. It is about alchemising our pain and primary wounds into peace and progress. If we do that in a healthy way, we can live in peace with ourselves and with others. When you’re comfortable in your own skin , you…

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  • MESSIAH the book

    MESSIAH the book

    In October / November this year, I’m heading back to Fern Street Gallery to exhibit the next body of work MASTER PEACE_alchemy. Along side this exhibit will be some pieces from MESSIAH and the new release , MESSIAH the book , a companion book, exploring each piece and how this body of work came about…

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